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>> Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I wouldn’t say I’m an Ikea fan, but I think that some of their products are really well designed – the functions, I mean, not the the looks. Though the look is usually pretty pleasing, too. Moreover, the prices are sometimes very reasonable, especially their bestsellers. I’ve been using the plastic bag organizer from the Rationell line (which costs only RM9) for quite some time. And more recently, I bought and used a duster from the Lodder line. It’s bendable, hence can reach into difficult spaces. It’s easy to wash, hence easy to maintain. It’s only RM12.90.

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In Malaysia, there is only one Ikea store, which is in Mutiara Damansara. I know of many people outside of Klang Valley who occasionally include Ikea in their itenaries when visiting KL for other reasons. Ikea delivers to all locations in Peninsular Malaysia (but not their market hall goods), I’m not sure about East Malaysia though. But they don’t offer online purchases, it’s not part of their business model.

What if, someone who lives near enough to Ikea, is willing to help buy & ship Ikea stuffs for a reasonable fee? Would there be demand for this kind of service? I mean only the small & reasonably light things from their market hall. In other words, this person, who’s totally independent from Ikea management, offers Ikea goods (selected based on feasibility and popularity) but mark-up the price to compensate for his or her time and efforts to procure them. For example, the Lodder duster can be sold for RM16 (excluding postage). If he aims to make one shopping trip to Ikea per week, and for each trip buys say 20 pre-ordered items which he can immediately posts, is it feasible ad worth the time & effort?


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