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>> Monday, May 30, 2011

The baking supplies shop that I frequent seems to be more packed with customers recently, some with multiple full baskets. I’m probably one of only few who grabbed a few items only, for personal/family use. I notice that majority of them seems to be home-based entrepreneurs, judging by the big quantities being purchased. Quite a number are getting chocolate bars, moulds and boxes. I guess homemade chocolate business is blooming now. I wonder shortly, is the sales volume chipping at the conventional commercial chocolate market (say of Cadbury or even Ferrero Rocher), or is it a totally new demand? The homemade chocolate, with pretty packaging and decorations are usually meant for special occasions, celebration and gifts.

Image source credit to littleroseschoc.blogspot.com

Homemade cakes has been around since I’ve been aware of it, say 20 years ago, though in the absence of the internet, customers are mostly family and friends and perhaps, friends of friends. A little less than ten years ago, homemade cupcakes (and muffins) made its debut, at its peak probably some four five years ago. I started noticing homemade chocolates about two year-ish ago, and seems to be at its peak now. And now, I’m starting to see macaroons on offer. Traditional kuih has also been available, but somehow I don’t see that many being promoted online. I believe that one of the reasons is that there are less traditional kuih bakers/makers from the younger generation, hence the promotional method remains offline. This does not mean there is less demand for those, just a different way for customers to get them. It also means there’s an opportunity to market to the remaining customer who searches for traditional kuih providers online.

But I’ve never yet come across home-based entrepreneur offering doughnuts, fancy decorated doughnuts I mean (think Dunkin Donuts or Big Apple Donuts). Have you? Please share the website here. I wonder why that is. Baking and decorating doughnuts is surely as fun and creative as cupcakes – with all the possible combinations of fillings, glazings, icings, nuts, jams etc! I do believe there is demand, judging by the increasing numbers of commercial doughnut booths/shops.

Image source credit to shazerina.wordpress.com


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